Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Kanye puts pastelle on hiatus.....to intern for Louis Vuitton

Kanye is looking to diversify his portfolio by expanding his knowledge of style and clothing design by offering his free services at a fashion house - preferably Louis Vuitton or Raf Simons.

"I was blown away from the planet when he told me," Simons told the New York Times. "I know he's very serious about this - I don't take it as a joke - but how can I imagine him being my intern? It's a very extreme situation."

Although Kanye, 31, is yet to confirm the reports, the star has hinted at his intention of pursuing a more focused path in the fashion world.

"I want to and will be the real thing," he previously wrote in a blog entry. "I will not just be a 'celebrity designer.'"

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