Monday, January 11, 2010

Stickers or No Stickers on the Fitted Cap..Hmmmm


Via Twitter @DemeterBen asks

Q: Can I get an official ruling on leaving stickers on a new hat? Company stickers stay but bar codes and price tags are out.

A: Our official ruling: If the cap is not new and unworn, the stickers remain. As soon as it goes on, ALL tags and stickers come off.

Beware the “circle of death”. Over time your wool blend fitted baseball cap fades with exposure to sunlight. Most likely you will not notice - until that sizing sticker falls off. The result is a bright patch, shades lighter than the rest of our your brim. #FAIL The only other option is to replace the sticker, which is frankly, irriating. I’ve tossed out at least 4 caps because of this over the years.

The fade factor aside (this isn’t an issue with 100% polyester), the question to ask yourself is: “What do I have to prove, why and to whom?” The trend of keeping the tags / stickers / labels on caps has been with us for decades as a status symbol; proof that the cap was authentic and new. Do you need that co-sign to be fresh? Absotruthly not. In the end, style is a personal choice. Choose your own adventure - always do you.

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--------I Couldnt have said it better!!

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